Some Canadian M38 (M38CDN)

 Production Facts

Ford of Canada assembled 2,135 M38-CDN. The following facts come from an article by Robert Grieve published in the OMVA CMP Magazine Issue No. 13, May 1996.

Some items to note about Canadian M38 production:

  1. All Canadian M38's were assembled by Ford Motor Company of Canada in Windsor, Ontario, from February to November 1952.
  2. The average cost per M38 was $2600 (the first contract of 840 vehicles cost $2807 per vehicle).
  3. All vehicles where shipped from Windsor to Hagersville, Ontario to be inspected and put into military service.
  4. The last vehicle produced by Ford was serial number F102135 and it was delivered on 27 November 1952 (as researched at Ford by Peter Simundson).
  5. Winches where installed and delivered on a separate purchase order program by Ramsey Winch Co.
  6. All M38's were equipped with a convoy lamp installed as a field modification that was done upon receipt by RCEME [Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers].
  7. Vehicles shipped by rail transport had eight tie downs installed on the frame. Vehicles shipped overseas to Norway or Cyprus had eight tie downs on the frame and also has hold down rigns installed to the four spring shackle plates.



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