2MYPC DDNS Service



Phone: (705) 742-0171
Fax: (705) 742-0177
Toll Free: (877) 742-0171

Welcome to 2MYPC

Here at 2MYPC we offer you the ability to host your own website, FTP Server, Mail Server, etc.

Are you with an ISP that gives you a dynamic IP?
Do you need a domain name and don't want to pay a lot for it?
Does your IP change every day or even every hour? and you need a way to get to you PC from outside your home or business?

Then 2MYPC is for you.  We offer a static solution to you dynamic problem.

You can have either name.2mypc.net or name.2mypc.org and have it point to your dynamic IP.    HOW?  you ask.   You signup and choose the plan you want,  Then you create your domain and download the client and install it and you are done.  You now have name.2mypc.net or name.2mypc.org as your "static" domain.

To sign up go to http://www.2mypc.net/signup

How much does it cost?

  • 1 YEAR - $11.99.
  • 2 YEARS - $22.99
  • 3 YEARS - $33.99
  • FREE 14 Day Trial